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        Code of Conduct

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        The company promises:

        Comply with national labor laws and regulations, comply with internationally recognized labour standards, and other applicable industry standards and international conventions, and continuously improve working conditions and employee benefits.
        ★ Prohibit the use of child labour and forced labour, and do not accept any use of child labour or forced labour of suppliers or subcontractors.
        ★ Respect for the freedom of workers and prohibit any form of forced labour.
        ★ Provide health and safety work and living conditions to ensure the safety and health of employees.
        ★ Promoting Labour-capital cooperation, respecting the rights of employees to freedom of association and collective bargaining.
        ★ Provide an equal and fair working environment and prohibit any form of discrimination.
        ★ Respect the basic human rights of employees and prohibit any form of degrading behavior.
        ★ Reasonable arrangement of production plan, reasonable arrangement of workers working hours and rest and leave; ★ Provide reasonable wages and benefits, at least meet the basic needs of workers.
        ★ Reasonable control suppliers, and gradually promote all suppliers to meet social responsibility requirements.
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